My Kenyan Earth Got Impunity As A Delicacy

“On the basis of argument submitted to the chamber’s presiding judge Chile Eboe-Osuji and judge Robert Fremr ,as majority agreed,the accused are to be discharged.”That wasn’t the last thing I read that Tuesday.Yes, am not blind ,I just didn’t  notice the full stop..I read  beyond the judge’s verdict ..I refused to settle for the failure of ICC to prosecute anyone in connection with the 2007-2008 post election violence ,that’s what happened.
         Maybe very few or nil people can side with me,but believe me when I say it,there is more to this story ..The ICC just joined hands with fate,allowed murderers to get away with it,,tossed to the agony in the blood of the thousands of Kenyans that has been crying for justice since 2007.
      Tell me now mí línda gente , for how long  are you going   to be victims of impunity?? Victims of the powerful on our Kenyan earth ..
  There has to be someone responsible for the massacre witnessed back then ,The perpetrators are out there and  they have to pay!!!
     Its only in my country where life is traded for injustice!! Jesus may have paid the same price for our sins but Kenyans suffering the same fate? That’s blasphemous ,its unfair and downright inappropriate.. I’ll speak for the voiceless but ask questions to those who can answer..Don’t you think celebrating the end of ICC involvement in Kenya is way too ironical??would you prove me wrong if  I branded your move as sugarcoating of injustice ??
    They earn millions ,drink expensive champagne, smile and enjoy life,money and power..On the other side, something too unpleasant is happening to your fellas who were butchered around Naivasha,those burned to death at kiambaa church,,those killed in Eldoret ,.The mites are devouring their flesh that is if there is still something left from their decaying bodies..not to mention their hopes and vigour for life,put six feet under alongside their lives ,all that for a certain politician to step into power ,fulfill his political interests ..that’s ugly don’t you think?
        Something has to be done,,someone has to pay..The naked truth is that my mother nation currently got impunity as a delicacy!!!!

Article by Wachira Florence

4 thoughts on “My Kenyan Earth Got Impunity As A Delicacy

  1. Alas, when “someone has to pay” becomes reality, it is usually accomplished by violence which leads to more violence as a result and even more down and down and down the spiral. Now, i cant pretend to know the situations you write of here, not being from your country, but i do know that the cycle of violence and revenge is never-ending heart-ache at least for the mothers of those fighting! That said, someone named Marshall Rosenberg invented this system called NVC (NonViolentCommunication) — which takes a lot more learning and practice than it sounds like it would as it is much more than simply talking without violence…much much more. He actually got people on both sides from Rwanda (i believe) talking and communicating and resolving issues that for years had kept them nearly at knifepoint…His video is magnificent if you have the patience to watch it. But learning NvC still takes much work. I am a beginner after a whole year… still! This is the link. Take care, from pamela


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