If I Flew To California Today,Would My Dark Skin Attract Bullets From A White Cop’s Gun??


An inevitable question, a vital one that’s what I’ll brand it. you are free to find it irrelevant, that’s an opinion whose creation I didn’t participate. Its destruction wholly depends on me though..*maybe. Just so you don’t forget I asked it and am going to do it a second time ‘would my dark skin attract bullets from a white cop’s gun??’
  Answer it if you can,befriend reality ,take a hammer and hit the nail right on its head.. I swallow reality, battle mediocrity,discourage injustice especially if its main cause is the colour of the skin .Our ancestors only saw white butterflies invade our motherland ,they witnessed it happen,what they didn’t see is is this insanity, the assumed inferiority of our beautiful black skin..Yes ,am talking about the suspicion they read on our skin, the malice  they no longer hide..Its getting way out of hand ,our right to life has been left for them to decide!!Nasty isn’t it?
   Late last year everyone who accessed citizen TV news witnessed the unfortunate scenario where a Kenyan Somali lady who had lived in united states of America for 16years got it rough after being assaulted by a white neighbour for speaking Swahili to her kids..I’d call it idiocy if I had time to but prejudice fits it perfectly..Its shocking how they stereotype Africans!! The white woman felt mandated to harass a Kenyan lady on the basis of the language she spoke to her own kids! I can bet my neck that the incident would have been different if she had a gun on her hand,the most probable thing is that the victim would have lost her life..The question is how many such characters does USA harbour? Just how many of them will look at you with disgust? How many can’t tolerate a conversation of you in your mother tongue?
   Last week something similar happened. A seventeen year old Kenyan boy stared at death after being shot by a white cop four times on his torso for wielding a broomstick!! Before getting any deeper,tell me honestly sweethearts..What do you think were the intentions of this police officer? Punish a criminal who in this case was defenseless and under-age? Did he by any chance forget that he was using a gun and not a toy? Or was he maybe putting into practice what he had previously watched on an action movie??
   There aren’t enough words to condemn this act! It wasn’t out of self defense ,the cop had one very notable motive; TO KILL!! . Prove me wrong..oh no that’s an impossible mission, any dummy on earth can see it too. Its sad ! Way too disappointing.. Its cowardly to attempt the life of a teenager due to prejudice ..Hear me out! Am shouting this time ,this evil isn’t justifiable. The life of a human being whether blue or black isn’t negotiable. I’ll write it on the streets if I have to; your superiority complex is stinking!! There should be justice for the victim .The police officers responsible for this should face the law.
  Demonstrations on the streets isn’t enough,,typing like I just did isn’t enough either,it’s necessary but not all. Injustice should be curbed not sugarcoated. Prejudice should be a thing of the past .The bottom line is we all are human beings,,we share the same planet ‘Earth’ ,we all breath oxygen,no one survives on nitrogen, we all are born and are prone to death!! I got news for the ‘superior’ ones, :read between lines,if the level of your IQs isn’t questionable, am pretty sure you will comprehend the concept of my article..
    Racism is a cultural disease ,its insidiously quixotic, My insinuations are as direct as you can see them,: QUIT THIS ACT IT DOESN’T SUIT YOU!! ITS INAPPROPRIATE ! A SWAG SO OUTMODED!!
   There is only one way out! Get smart quit the nonsense,choose respect for mankind ..yes vivify the humanity in you,welcome love and live in peace.

Article by Wachira Florence

3 thoughts on “If I Flew To California Today,Would My Dark Skin Attract Bullets From A White Cop’s Gun??

  1. By the way, to answer the question posed by your blog post, YES, i think that guns were designed, cop guns especially with a special sensor for skin with a high percentage of melanin in it. These were difficult to manufacture, of course, but it had to be done, because what white cop would want his gun seeking to shoot Caucasians? No, indeed, cop guns were designed as dark sign magnets, as well the specially designed bullets, which are elicited directly from these cops guns immediately and as it were uncontrollably upon being in proximity with a person of dark hued skin. Have not you heard the cop wielding such weapons claim self defence or complete lack of agency: “it was not my fault! The gun just went off by itself, i dunnno what happened.” Well, naturally! Such cop guns are meant to seek out and be triggered by dark skin! Too bad more people are not aware of this…the cops are, of course. They just are trained to accompany a shooting with a killer gun with cries of self defence or not my fault to conceal their knowledge of the guns real ability from the public.

    So my advice is: dont fly to southern california, without wearing body armor….those guns are out to get you good!

    Be well. Love your blog!


  2. Now that a chump is president-to-be at least a few brave cities plan (read PLAN) to resist the forcible deportation of certain undesirable brown and likely darker hued as well residents for not carrying documents — and i dont believe for a moment that a non-documented status is the real motivation behind the deportations, just the easiest excuse– these brave cities plan to resist giving these brown skinned immigrants up to the deportation police, even though the head Chump threatens to withold millions of federal dollars. Maybe there are ulterior motives, maybe not, but i see this massive civil disobedience against the chump in chief as a sign that all is not lost, even in this country.


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