That Jesus-Loving Man.. Unveiling The Devil In The Details


Has anyone by any chance called you special today? In case there isn’t hear this sweet truth ,from a lover of words this time..You are Special. Now that you are reading this,let me feed you with one more factuality. Its the moment of truth ,Jesus might be on his way remember!! There is a reason I write but more so a better reason why I’ll debunk the so called Jesus-loving man right here and now!!
  Am talking about that religious gospel-aholic elegant man you see around the neighbourhood holding a Gedions blue bible similar to the you once owned in primary school,  Speaks in tongues at church like Peter and promulgates Jesus even in his dreams. He owns a church  in your village where everyone runs to for spiritual nourishment.. Can you see him as incontrovertibly as i  do ??
  He has an exceedingly pious face,not to mention the splendid suit his flock bought him last Sunday..
    Girls from the village find him rather cool,a free ticket to heaven. The impeccably faultless man .what more? A husband material whose fidelity is 100% guaranteed. I won’t finger-point nor brickbat these girls for dreaming of so beautiful an experience. Making them take culpability of a lie that looks true isn’t worth it. I mean who on earth wouldn’t like a future so graceful besides a prince charming with characters swiveling around heaven and unwavering fidelity especially in this era where a one-woman man  thing is slowly turning into a myth majority are already waving at??
  Before you say  yes to the so assumed hallowed guy who calls you beautiful alongside all the angels and 24 elders in heaven, let me help you see things in a new light,,reevaluate your decision or should I call it a mistake? To those already in it, open your ears wide enough. I’ll only say it once. I won’t help you regret it but I’ll make you see the truth in my conjecture..
  That untutored boy you hired purposefully to look after your cows and goats had it all right. The Jesus- loving man you call a husband was there in the woods,literary forcing Jesus’ gospel right into the mouth of Mama Shiko’s daughter..{ You know that pretty girl who leads worship in his church and studies at Ruai secondary school,the one ‘CDF’ built last year? }  Yes that one!! This saliva-gospel transmission method is the penultimate of them all .Sweet ,right?? Your husband and mama shiko”s daughter probably knows better.
    Sit back and have fancy in your little cocoon mama mchungaji . I don’t feel  like bringing to your attention this reality; A new method is being concocted ! In fact its cooking!! Your flawless man knows its sweeter than the last one .Truth will dawn on you! It will be despicable I must admit. Now decide,sister in Christ ..Who is to blame? Which one will be nastier; To find out that the  girl who played hide and seek with your children on your yard,the same one you fed and looked after when mama Shiko went to the market is  beating you 100-0 at a game so sensitive. You know just like she does at church when she grabs a microphone then your husband plays the guitar so skillfully, and the worship in the air resembles the one Abraham has been listening to for ages in heaven  or To discover the pervert in your sainted sweetheart .Things will get ugly..
   My special reader ,just before you spew curses all over my article for blasphemously touching  on a topic only heaven is bound to judge ,challenge me on this one ,prove it false..The bottom line  is that only the ignorant lot closes their eyes to reality .The bible has it! Jesus is coming soon! One more reason to let yourself get enlightenment from the few opinionated freethinkers like myself .Remember  the river between’s Joshua? Majority of these preachers are playing his role .They are sheer fanatics! You should have seen this from the start..They are two-faced ,luring you into a dance whose dance moves is a mystery in their world . Didn’t you see this in Kanyari and the rest?
The nasty truth is that today’s most religious got two motives,,its either Money or Fame ,the rest is for you to discover! My message isn’t from Zion but I had to put it across anyway lest the rapture Revelation describes finds you in darkness frenzied in an obsession that isn’t enough to take you to the heaven you so much desire.. Do you know where hell is ? Its right here on earth!! Now forget I just said it and start investigating ..most importantly unveil that devil in the details!! That Jesus-loving man I just discussed..
   Stop worshipping these people its just coffee and no Jesus inside their cup! I know my great grand-dad was sincere when he prayed facing the mountain, when he offered sacrifices around the sacred Mugumo tree people cut down each day nowadays.. It was better that way..They adored nature..You worship your preachers ..who is living a lie here? Nature has power you know that’s true..Their miracles are fake ,unpurified by potassium permanganate and many others yet to be discovered.. Live your truth but don’t be stupid so they say!! 

Article by Wachira Florence

7 thoughts on “That Jesus-Loving Man.. Unveiling The Devil In The Details

    1. Things are so different ,,Jesus is being mistaken for a commodity …whether you’ll find him I don’t know ..buts its for a Penny ..the gospel is getting inauthentic ..Who is to blame ? Ni hawa kanyaris’ tu


      1. Unfortunately I think these types are all over the place…In every country they prey on the vulnerable…In my experience. I went to a week of “revival” with a Preacher David Paul in Hartford Conneciticut, and every two hours he bilked the audience of 20 dollars that no one could afford, just to “give to God” – God my eye! It all went to David Paul, and his rats!

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  1. For an apathetic atheist-this is apparently the word I should use to define where I stand on matters of religion-this was interesting and on point. Problem is the intended readers may miss the whole message altogether as they focus on the ‘blasphemy’ part.

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