The Cat Isn’t Dying From Curiosity This Time,The Poison Is From Our Own Sources..


Do you know what I’ve been seeing when I close my eyes? I can bet my neck that your immediate guess is my Jonnie..Now write this down; its not him this time,mine doesn’t run away like Yemi Alade’s so I don’t have to search for him in my daydreams. The nightmare in my day is probably someone else,’OMAR MATEEN’ ,The 29years-old assailant who lone and armed walked into a gay nightclub in Florida last Sunday and gunned down 50 youngsters within 90seconds!! Jesus wasn’t punishing them for being gays! It was something else.It isn’t the kind of story my fellow youngsters at their twenties will enjoy sharing with their grand children when they hit seventy..Its unpleasant ,Shocking! Our world is getting more dangerous than before.
     The nasty truth is that this life full of jeopardy ,is a circle we created for ourselves ..let me make it clearer .The weapons Mateen used didn’t fall from heaven like manna,Lucifer isn’t to be blamed  either .They were made by humans !! Well that must have been way long before I was born I must admit  but its  primarily the reason am typing this now. Humans prepared their own death beds don’t you think? Maybe went as far as digging their own graves .Now  the question is; Will there be anyone left to burry us and put flowers on our graves when we all get wiped out by these dangerous weapons?
      Hunter hunted,the cat isn’t dying from curiosity this time, humans are succumbing to their own dosage of poison .What now? Are we going to sit down, arms folded, watching our fellas just die like flies on mortein doom? Like it happened in Garrisa university ,west gate mall ,Paris,Orlando nightclub and many other atrocious incidents? Heightened terrorist activities is all we face each day. Will this song ever end?
     Weapons of mass destruction that’s where am at . The nuclear weapons Britain ,China,France,Israel,Pakistan, Russia,United states of America and the rest posses .Just so you get the idea of exactly what in my apprehensiveness, Flor is talking about weapons that got extremely horrific destructive power! A large thermo-nuclear weapon for example,when dropped in a densely populated city can kill millions of people in an instant!!
     That may not be an expostulation yet,our current and major problem is these light weapons with an alarmingly widespread availability .Those that just anyone can access effortlessly. By ‘just anyone’ I am including the thugs who gunned down Gatundu south Mp George Muchai and the businessman Jacob Juma among many others. The pastoralists who still own guns in  Kenya,,and many robbers who rob at gun point .Our beautiful  mother-nation might be headed to the same situation united states of America is in where almost everyone owns a gun!
   Something has to be done and fast lest we will be giving our heads away on a silver platter .Black  market sale of weapons has to be stopped,The world should rise and campaign for stricter weapon laws. Maybe its already too late .The sun didn’t wait for us. Quite unfortunate.
     The truth is we already are loosing this battle,and since am running out of ideas of what has to be done ,I’ll leave it to you, figure it out and inform me later when am back, if there is a way out of this mystery..

  Article by Wachira Florence

8 thoughts on “The Cat Isn’t Dying From Curiosity This Time,The Poison Is From Our Own Sources..

  1. Hello Florence,

    I am happy to report that here in the U.S. nearly everyone does NOT in fact possess a gun nay, nor multiple guns at all.

    What I am not at all happy to report is that guns apparently are very easy to obtain and those who own them and use them do not always do so legally. I venture to state as well that when such weapons of lethal capacity are used as they were in Orlando and elsewhere, I doubt that they were all obtained legally, and most certainly they were by definition not used in a legal fashion (heaven forfend! but as they say, or do they? It takes a person behind the gun for the gun to take a life…)

    The guns situation is truly sickening. Yet even though I do not consume meat, I am not against the sport of hunting for those who do…As humans are bent on over-populating the planet and moving into areas where certain wild animal species used to roam free, these animals now suffer from a surfeit population, which brings on both illness and lack of habitat. So it seems to me a mercy for hunters to be allowed to cull their populations, and to eat humanely at the same time.

    But semi-automatic hand guns are not hunting rifles, they are not used for shooting a deer or bear or any food animal. No. And do not get me started on semi-automatic weapons of any sort, or those obscenities called assault rifles! Even if one were to be out hunting with one, pray tell me why you need a magazine of 100 bullets to shoot a single deer? (Only someone who is a very poor hunter would need so much ammunition, and that person should NOT be out hunting I think!)

    So even though I believe we ought not to have guns in this world, I also know they will never be banned, but I do think we need to end this senseless possession by civilians in the U.S. of anything besides a rifle or shotgun…period. Oh, I know i dream, I dream…But what would the world be without dreamers?

    Thank you for your blog, Florence.


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