Feed Them With Justice..Its Answers That Kenyans Want!!


      “Mama ,was it the men in blue? The ones I write about in my compositions with so much enthusiasm? The ones grandpa used to call ‘Afande’? Did they kill  and dump them near the river Oldonyo Sabuk?” A little girl consecutively asked her mother as she stared at the television nearby watching those dreadful news..poor her! She was at the verge of breaking into tears. Her concern was clearly written all over her face. I saw the mother hold her closely and whispered an outright lie..”the devil’s work” she said  so convincingly just like Lucifer himself.
    You won’t buy a similar story .Will you?
     The little girl’s questioning was too much for a single minute, though it was so intelligent of her. Those were days ago,but its never too late for a piece from my sources..its now and here that I’ll break my silence about the trio-extra judicial killings involving a human rights lawyer Willie Kimani,his client and their driver which left everyone startled and apoplectic ,just like the little girl above .
    It was an act beyond horrendous. I call it Satanic. It goes far beyond the corners of moral degeneration! What I once regarded as sheer roamers was  turning into to truths with so expeditious a speed..the same way water turned into wine at cana of Galilee .The atmosphere is disappointing..check it out!!
    My turn to ask the questions. What did we get ourselves into this time? Did we just go out of line and tickled betrayal? Are the same people who we obligated to guarding our boarders,the ones who should be busy tracking down alshababs and burglaries the blood-thirsties with vicious souls capable of robbing off human life in so ruthless a way? Oh Christ thy kingdom come..my motherland is a billion dollar miles away from redemption that is if we can accredit monetary value to distance. Its still swimming in the unthinkable,unimaginable.
     A full stop to the shock. My Kenyan Citizenry should swallow the pain with me but never disremember .The atrocity was in fact  too heinous for the forgetful to play their role .Having a person murdered like that and later on disposed like garbage  by the banks of a river,to be gorged by vultures isn’t comparable to any other evil.
   Now nod to agree,apparently, with the same vigour as Flor’s .This insanity has a name ‘insecurity  plus killer police officers ‘!!
  Where is half of our heaven? The one Alshabab left? Is it a target for scramble by police officers? Jumping from the frying pan to the fire,that’s our present situation. A huge dishonour! Kenya is up for sheer pity! The little ones know it too so save your animadversions for now .The gun and clown got potency and right..That’s my latest discovery. A truth that has to be reproved,completely excoriated ,damned to the gates of hell way before it grows horns lest we will have to create a planet for ourselves and renounce earth, hopefully certain killer men in blue will be left behind.
    Lawyer Willie Kimani gave up his ghost in pursuit of justice. His determination to expose killer police officers cost him his life .Its in many Kenyans expectations that the culprits of the trio-murder incident will be brought to book,that an utter investigation will be carried out,its most important . More crucial than protesting laying on top of mock coffins and using chart slogans like many did .Demonstrations aren’t justice .In fact there have been too many of them lately for prior considerations .Protests are important that’s undisputable ,but not all. Sorry to say.
     Kenyans have cravings for justice .They want answers! Its in their obligations to save our homeland..our sweet mother nation full of milk and honey..They deserve the pleasure of living in a peaceful and secure nation.
        Better is what they say, best is my term,the perfect one .Feed them with justice..The nation’s security departments should hear this one “Kenyans wants answers!!’

          Article by Wachira Florence

6 thoughts on “Feed Them With Justice..Its Answers That Kenyans Want!!

  1. For peaceful coexistence to prevail, the men in blue should uphold a high level of human virtues. Embarking on vices will only earn them barbs from every one. I totally agree with you that we should be fed with a plate full of justice to soothe our ailing hearts from the heinous act. Otherwise you have done a wonderful job and I congratulate you.

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