“I owe my life to Amnesty,,now I dedicate that life to campaigning against death penalty”, Those were the words Hafiz Ibrahim to Amnesty..sent via a text message..He was a Yemen native and sent this just before his execution in 2007. Light a candle..don’t curse darkness.. That’s amnesty and just so you know; Amnesty isn’t the name of a person,it is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights .It prevents and ends grave abuses of human rights..
  Hafiz Ibrahim’s message carried pain ,disgust for death it!!This Yemen native was strong enough to accept his predestination. Yes ,he let his whole being accept the factuality of having to undergo a premature death,swallowed the pain and fear of waiting in a death row unaware of the specific day he’d see the light of day last, in wonderland, completely blind to the possibility of seeing his family one more time..My good amigo ,take a walk in his slippers and see hell right into your soup..!
      Even so, Hafiz wanted to be the last one to face such was within his last wish that death penalty should be abolished. A task he left for Amnesty to carry out.
      Am not Amnesty, but could be something close; a lover of words with a sweet taste for justice . Contrary  to your expectations  of me, I’ve had revenge as an interesting concept in my world for years. In fact not so long ago, just like many people around the world,I believed  in making people pay . Not until I reevaluated my thinking ,allowed enlightenment in mí  alma (soul) and today I woke up humming a new tune ; “its not worth it!!!”.Maybe my former comrade in the world of revenge President Rodrigo Duterte should hear this one”revenge isn’t justice”
      “What if there is no God?? Where was God when we needed him? My God where are you?” An atheistic utterance from Duterte questioning the existence of God and deific justice .Just before Duterte swaps divine justice with obtrusion of capital punishment let Wachira’s daughter answer this one : if there is no God then Rodrigo Duterte can’t Make one ..period. It would cost him more than potency.. Piety!!
     He defends death penalty like it is his next breath, curses critics of capital punishment.. Campaigns for imposition of death penalty like its the last thing he’ll do on earth .This  vigour has a nasty result though  ,a notable spiralling death toll around Philippines since he took office in end June this year. Statistics have it that 3500 have already faced the gallows!


“Do not destroy my country because I will kill you,do not destroy my children because I will kill you” ,”They will pay when the time comes ,I will eat you in front of people, I will eat you alive..raw” Duterte swore again! He could have the most reckless tongue in the world ,but Flor can read more than a quest for justice from his statements. Yes ,this goes beyond an anti-crime drive, its sheer retribution ! A thirst for blood!! You may not agree with me ,but this truth can’t be hidden,if we had 30 more Dutertes as presidents, well the world just got ugly!!!
  “If you kill a 1000,tell them it was ordered by Duterte ,period”he said again ,and I will shout it louder than he did  “if 900 amongst them are innocent tell them Duterte shed innocent blood!!” His utterances defies the law of the reasoning,who will vote him in next time  when thousands of his fellow citizenry are killed by cops ?
       Back in 2007 when Duterte was the mayor of Davao he had the very same reasoning.. the same drive. According to him Murdering criminals was the only  solution for crime deterrence..”If you are a criminal or a part of the syndicate that preys on the innocent people of the city,for as long as I am the mayor ,you are a legitimate target for assassination. Here in Davao,you cant go out alive ,you can go out but inside a coffin.. Is that what you call extra-judicial ? then I will bring a drug lord  to a judge and kill him right there..and it will be no longer extra judicial..” he  swore..He speaks sarcastically..he spits out profanity . unfortunately with a lot of certainty
           Death penalty is uncouth, inhuman..It doesn’t deter crime..its inn appropriate! Or what importance is there in depriving off someone’s right to life citing crime deterrence.?. Why hasn’t it worked for Duterte so far ? Why didn’t crime end within the first 20 executions of criminals in Philippines ,did it have to get to 3500? Why should the world massage the sensitivities of mediocre leaders like Duterte who ain’t afraid of staining their hands with blood,Leaders who are driven by self interests ..who got nothing more to portray than Vengeance?Tell me now my beautiful readers,what’s the use of capital punishment if racial or religious basis is the yardstick of verdict regarding death penalties? Why should we give in to so discriminatory a system? A system that  favours the rich and victimizes the financial unstable who cannot afford good lawyers.?
     Am not saying that criminals should be entertained ..I want them to face the law,,but this law should exclude death  penalty..Duterte should punish drug lords and other criminals ,but not through murder! Lest he will be a murderer himself..and in this case I really hope the law he is trying to impose becomes his undoing!!
    The thing is death penalty isn’t worth consideration. As I put my pen and paper to rest ,I hope its abolished.. I hope Hafiz Ibrahim’s outcry is heard ..

            For my papa..Te quiero.
Article by Wachira Florence.


  1. Thank you for your life touching blog. Using crime to counter crime is equivalent to two wrongs which do not make a right. It breeds bitterness which creates more crimes. Forgiveness is a good recipe for countering crime and Duterte should try it instead of using death penalty as a form of justice.


  2. Thank you for this beautiful blog post. I believe with my whole heart in forgiveness, even though my mind sometimes seeks revenge from the multiplicity of people who have badly abused me. It is a diffficult world to move thru and love — and peopeple like Duterte make it that much harder. Your blog reminds me, love is all we have, and that was what made Hafiz Ibraham the much greater and more powerful man in the end, yes, though he lost his life, and i weep for him and the thousands like him. Thank you again.

    Pamela Wagner

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    1. I didn’t really understand what you meant by having been abused by multiple people until I went through your blog are strong Pamela Wagner..infact I admire your courage ..your will to speak for the thousands of patients out there who may have suffered the same fate but stomached it all..deep within me ,I can feel success in your way Miss Wagner..and this I type with a lot of sincerity ,I hope one day we wake up to a world as just as it should..our efforts to achieve this “hope” are needed though ..and Flor appreciates yours


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