“Tell her she is beautiful before the world tells her she is too dark- skinned !” There went a post on Facebook accompanied by the photo of a beautiful black African girl probably 5 years of age,on the comments forum ,a senseless comment from a kyallo somewhere presumably from ukambani read “call a spade for what it is, black isn’t attractive!” I was about to type a ‘white trash’ remark  beneath his comment when i realized that he carried a Kenyan name..OMG! What an injudicious African native ! Though I felt nauseated by his ill comment,I has to grok his character anyway.. An intricacy never to be forgotten! I don’t blame him all the same,he could be from Trump’s pedigree ..who knows?
The only problem is that he is African too and though light-skinned,he falls under the category of the same blacks Trump passionately abhors! Sorry black fellow..I doubt if you’ll ever fit in Trumps whitey whitey kingdom!
Mine today is a riposte and just  before I react to Trump’s speech on why he hates Blacks and Arabs, let me make a prayer “oh lord of all lords ,never give me a racist tongue,much less a racist soul” Amen.
If Flor just prayed against it ,its because she hates it. My subject for discussion today is a matter of weightier importance,so give me your years or  rather your ears !
“The fact that blacks and Arabs look like human beings doesn’t make them sensible human beings,hedgehogs ain’t porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles just because they look alike” said United states of America president elect Donald Trump.. Only the prayer I just made can stop me from obliterating the  nouns ‘blacks and Arabs ‘ and fixing ‘whites’ in Trump’s first sentence..I know it would sound way better to all blacks and Arabs who just read this disheartening utterance, but my African earth taught me better than living defensively, I got no business dwelling on being correct ,I want to be right! My tongue isn’t racist its African  and contrary to Trumps indifference ,I have enough peace at heart to say that whites are as sensible humans as blacks are . Though we are not of uniform colour,the bottom line is that we are human beings ..Yes,my neighbour outdoor Kamau doesn’t hop like a frog ,neither does he walk on fours like cows just because he is,he walks on two,with an upright posture just like Trump. He inhales in air through his nostrils not his fingers! It isn’t any different with Trump, IQs can attest to this! Now that am sure there is nil possibility for Trump to travel through time and transform us to the animals in his zoo overnight, I will sleep,soundly like a baby and dream of a day when his eyes will open wider than they are..Where is that wishing star again?? Hear this one little star,Flor got that in her wish list!
“The America we know today wasn’t created by wishful thinking, we created it at the expense of blood and sweat,we do not pretend like other whites that we like the blacks,we must admit without any fear  that we don’t like them ,and for so many valid  reasons ” said Trump..Before I start typing I think its time somebody told Trump that days dawn on Africans too .Yes we also have a today..The freedom of our land was attained through blood and sweat.. His country isn’t an exception! That goes for his other statement too where he said that Africa should be recolonized for another 100years ..oh Mr. President, white settlers ,our colonisers were driven out of our lands ages  ago. The price Africans paid was like the one Jesus is said to have paid on calvary.. It happened once and it was enough. My niece insists that I should send him a picture of our flag ‘nyekundu ni ya damu’ (red signifying blood)  just to prove that   mine isn’t a baseless idle talk ..there is more to it than just  truth.. Our forefathers shed blood for our motherlands..
I also believe that other whites don’t pretend to like us,it could be that they really do like us ,and for more  valid reasons than Trump’s excuses to hate  on blacks..Equation balanced!!
“They are good in nothing else but making noise,marrying many wives,dancing ,alcoholism, fighting and complaining of nonsense” He said again. We dance,yes we do..we dance for more reasons than Trump knows of. We dance to feel entertained ,to keep fit,what more to preserve our culture..Our African culture isn’t up for erosion..Its there to stay ,it’s part of us. I’d mention that  we dance to Jamaican riddims too,that we sing alongside Rihanna in her ‘work work work  work ‘ crap as well, that we ain’t only limited to African traditional music ,but since I love Sauti Sol a lot more, Let flor hum the tune “live and die in Africa” in style. I want to be rich ,I want to be famous ,but I want to live and die in Africa as well. If you’ll forgive me a little bit of sycophancy,the African diehard in me says “Bravo Sauti Sol”. The other accusations on Trump’s list don’t make sense at all, they are just but sheer invented suppositions..Flor will omit that for now.
“Therefore the white man is created to rule the black man ,Africans will always have day dreams ,And here is the creature (black man) who lacks foresight that only sees what’s near him and lacks what to do” he said ..This triggers a question from this lover of words. what about this single ‘being’ (white man ) who knows the truth at heart but wants to sugarcoat lies? Where were the whites who were created to rule blacks when Barrack Obama led United States of America ? Is this truth too bitter ? What Trump needs is some dosage of truth ,so let me administer it . Africans see what’s near them,in fact they got eyesight as sharp as all the eagles in Africa. We know what to do with what’s near us ,that’s why USA imports mineral fuels ,cocoa, art and antiques ,spices,tea,coffee, sugar,iron and steel,animal feeds etc ,all the way from Africa.
“What fool argues that a black man isn’t born a beggar,grows a beggar ,looks a beggar,falls sick a beggar,and dies a beggar” he said again..Holy Mary mother of God please forgive those who begged for anything from Trump and if there is none  then wake Donald from slumber land .There are poor white  people too . There are white beggars too, its time Trump anointed them with billions of dollars.
He should work on those around Missisipi first, the native Americans who live in American reservations where poverty is notoriously high..states like South Dakota that equates economic poverty with neglect,Trump should concentrate on impoverished, homeless children around new mexico,Those who live below the poverty line in Georgia!! Before pointing fingers at Africans he should make sure his hands are spotlessly clean! Yes show us the saint in you!. Am not a stupid fool but I just argued against your opinion Mr..
“I wonder why up to now, Africans still go to schools by force,and those who are there are just drug addicts who don’t know what took them there,This i s pregnant stupidity in Africans that needs Jesus immediate second coming” Trump uttered..such kind of reasoning has a name ,maybe names. Before I call it petty and outmoded ,let me me make it  known that it has to be reproved ,right here and now!Africa doesn’t suffer from drug addiction as much as USA does .Thank God I wasn’t forced to go to school, I didn’t take drugs ,I knew what I was doing because now i can comprehend statistics with ease..I know all about the increasing illicit drug use in USA, the use of marijuana,cocaine, leave alone the sky-rocketing use of Heroin .What now? I think Trump should let our 20year olds chew mogoka in peace and focus on his country before a 15years old American succumbs to the unprecedented, horrific results of  heroin usage!
Done riposte!

For my papa ,Te quiero
Article by Wachira Florence


  1. Hi Flor,

    Even though i read this late, two months later to be precise, it still has the force it must have had when you first wrote it. As an unfortunately white (nothing of pride to me!) American (a source of shame for many years) woman i can only say, as you now know, no doubt, that things have gone from the worried-about and predicted, to our present day situation of immigrant bans – a new one to be decreeed next week, terrorizing deportations, and an ever deepening swamp of corruption in the United Stated of Amerika. When i invited my friend Marie Abanga to visit me from Cameroon, it was still a free country under president Obama, and she did so. But under this rascist resident in the White House, she is too afraid to come back, and who can blame her, even with family of her own residing here? Argh, not a word you wrote in this post could i argue with, or would want to. Ever since i heard my country-people described years ago as “ugly Americans” because of our values i have been ashamed of having been born in this country, with its materialism and its deeply rascist roots, and its ugly tradition of hating one group after another.

    Thank you for your post, and for speaking the truth, always,

    Your poet friend,



    1. Hi too Pamela,welcome..and thanks too for reading!!…I felt humiliated by his utterances to an extent of putting it down on paper and later on typing it on WordPress… Its only then that I felt at peace ..I remember walking to work and at the same time saying to myself “you have to write this down flor..” …and I sought for peace , on the fields of paper

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  2. A very nice riposte which is not only good for Trump but also for all those people with racial discrimination mentality. Being black does not mean that Africans have lower IQ as compared to the white people. Earliest civilisation started in Africa meaning that there is nothing wrong with our I Q. The black colour of our skin gives us a better protection from harmful rays of the sun as compared to that of the white people

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