ITS FOR FAITH,that i give you up!

That day when you passed by,
Looking for me amidst the passerbys’,
Your eyes all focused ,
Leading a you full of hope,aspiration,
And i was there ,all alone in the streets,
I was in blue, and my braids were all long.

I swear i saw ,you looking for me in vain,
And I let you just pass ,though my heart was in shreds,from pain.
I knew your heart wanted just me,
Your mind on the other hand,governed by faith,
Wanted a me in hijab ,not in braids.
For faith I hid ,for faith I was afraid!

Love: all limited by faith,
Religion replacing feelings!!
It wasn’t fate ,trust me,
Conflicting gospels of Mohammad and Jesus ate away our love,
Killed a dream so valid ,a future so graceful..

‘This Concoction won’t match’,
I’d read this from every buibui I came across,
It wasn’t my fault that religion existed,
That the Quran and the Bible were  in for war.

‘I’d  never convert ,let love lose..’
Those were my words ,and so were yours!
Your whole self I deeply love,
But your faith I completely detest ..
Listen now amor mio..,
if I give you up ,its will be for faith..
Now I stand in between a Church and a Mosque..
Holding both the Quran and the Bible ..
The yardsticks of our fate ..
Its here that I let religion be,
And love lose ,
All for faith.



Article by Wachira Florence 

For my papa, Te Quiero ..


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