“You don’t know what you got till its gone ” This adage could be old or recent ,all Flor knows is that its true except for the fact that she knows exactly what she has ,and it isn’t lost yet! Humanity ,pursuit for justice still runs deep within me..and my hatred for barbarity in whatever version ,hasn’t moved an inch . It still stands but for reasons; my fear of it finding its way  into our traditions. I give credit where its due but also dish out criticism  where its due I’ll spit it out however contradictory. Are you for erosion of the rule of law? Well Wachira’s daughter isn’t. Just so you know.

           Earlier last April ,Kenyans on social media woke up to what  I’d refer to as the most unfortunate scenario all told by a video which went viral depicting a  broad-daylight extra judicial execution of a suspect by a plain clothes police officer. Let me simplify it for you just in case you didn’t watch.I will tell it like it happened .A person alleged to be a police officer in plain clothes is seen apprehending a suspect . The body of another suspect covered with blood lies in the middle of the road .When the suspect tries to plead  with the police officer for his life, he is shot at a  close range.After that four more gunshots are heard.The officer stands over the suspect ,asks his colleague for a pistol and shoots the suspect  below him five times!He reloads the gun and continues shooting at the suspect who is still lying on his stomach.

   While it was outright malignity and quite a brutal show of force by the police officer involved, majority of Kenyans showed absolutely no remorse for the execution citing the probable fact that police officers are afraid of arresting the thugs since they get out soon and later on go after the officer’s life.“if you choose to live  by the bullet ,then you must be ready to die ,by the bullet! ” That was most people’s favourite quote by then .An opinion aired by one twiter bigwig ( name withheld ).. With Eastleigh traders and residents defending the police in the brutal killings ..“Although exra-judicial killing is illegal ,its necessary if its the only option,my concern isn’t the killings of the thugs ,but why the police had unduly delayed their death for too long !”said one security guard.Others even felt that defending the alleged suspects was mockery to victims of robbery .“The execution   may look inhuman to those who saw it on the video but have they seen what gangmen do to their victims at dawn? “One resident questioned . Some of  them getting to the extreme of wishing to try out this blasphemy !“I can volunteer to kill robbers like police at Eastleigh ..if you have been a victim of  being robbed at gun point ,you probably know what am talking about ” 

     I don’t only disagree with all those utterances ,but I also find them despicable. If only the people behind this kind of reasoning took one more glance at the video,they would have seen the Evil they were out to justifying.. So one more ballyhoo and I will shout! As much as its said that the suspects were members of a super power gang  and were out to commit a robbery one had prove! Not even the Nairobi police commander Japheth Koome.At one point he claimed that the video was acted but later on blamed the apprehended suspect for the shooting of his comrade at Kayole .Ridiculous! So who shot the police officer from Kayole, the actors? Or the killer in maroon ?  Someone should have brought Mr.Japheth a warm cup of coffee to wake him up .I was more than  ready to foot the bill . When I speak ,people of his kind, from his very pedigree should remain silent and just read ,then absorb my truth! 

   I will tell you the simple reason why the alleged  suspect above didn’t deserve to die by the bullet.He wasn’t in possession of one..He posed no threat to the Eastleigh borough before he was murdered in cold blood ! It was just one more terrifying indication of the sense of impunity that reighns far too often in Kenya, for a police officer to believe he could execute a suspect while hundreds of people stood by watching! What More ? It was yet another incident that have painted Kenyan police officers as trigger-happy ,always ready to kill even unarmed suspects who have already surrendered! How unfortunate! Someone  passes by the grounds of statehouse, he is labeled an intruder  then shot dead ! Later on burried  alongside his innocence .Tell me now readers ,is  there anything worth applauding in this ?    

     Before more girls fall in love with this killer police in plain clothes ,let me rip  off his assumed bravery.He isn’t anything close to a heroe.He is just a typical blood thirsty who carries with him a lot of ignorance like he carries his pistol .. I won’t give him the benefit of doubt .He probably doesn’t know that article 50 of the constitution of Kenya provides that every accused person has the right to a fair trial. I will also point out this undisputable truth  ; Not every accused person is GUILTY, And not every suspect is a CRIMINAL. Ain’t there  reckless police officers who shoot at the  slightest provocation ? What now ? Should we also massage their sensitivities or maybe wash their feet like  Jesus did to his Disciples’ ? Do you think victims of such police officers are dangerous criminals worth dying by the bullet?  Answer me later.They probably don’t get to enjoy the taste of justice.   

    Nothing good will ever come out of this culture of exta-judicial executions that is evidently entrenched in our  national police service .Not justice..not even consolation . people should know that as young boys from poor communities like Kibra get targeted by extra judicial executions  ,major looters  of public funds go free under everyone’s watch ,and not a single of them has ever paid with a jail term leave alone their own  lives. These  supposed good intentions  of police officers ain’t even guaranteed ,they might kill a murder criminal today but tomorrow kill an innocent Wanjikû!  So just before you adulate ,Think!! 

   Extra-judicial execution is a violation of the right to life ,democracy as well .Supporting it underscores the importance of investigations and the due process of  law .Its a  bleach and threat to the rule of law .Its time Kenyan authorities ensured that security officers respect the rights of accused persons and uphold the international standards of the use of force. Our court systems should  take culpability too.Their failure to deliver justice is intolerable !.Many are the times accused people are arrested, tried in court but later on walk scot-free due to corruption.  One major reason why Kenya is now taking the lead in Africa as the country with the highest number of extrajudicial executions perpetrated by police officers according to research done by Amnesty international. 

          This ship is sinking. If we don’t make efforts and bail out this early ..we are going to drown! 
Article by Wachira Florence .

For my papa :Te Quiero  




  1. Yes. Proper investigations followed by corruption free court proceedings should be carried out, before any execution is done. It’s a very good article which had a prior proper research.

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