“Are you not kalekya’s son?  Then listen to me, you father and I shared the same blade during  circumcision.. What devil makes you look me in the face?? ” Flor is amidst  thoughts.. Francis Imbuga is having a good time, writing through the fields of my brain… ‘Doga just said something! ‘ He knocks it at my head.. A salad of Phrases! Styles, metaphors, imagery that speaketh, That’s the diet for Literatus and linguists ..literature frowns and you got to make her smile whatsoever.. Am walking to school, preoccupied.” Is my name on group 3’s list?  Why would they share the same blade during circumcision, didn’t they know how wrong it is? ” I question, making  faces at the same  time.

       ‘Chinua Achebe, you should have known better than creating a character that kills his own surrogate son..ikemefuna should have lived! ‘ Am saying it loud  in my brain.It’s ever at work. If I walk past you someday without saying hi , forgive my attention, it’s never divided.. And believe me when  I say that I can see him, Okonkwo, raising a machete on an innocent  boy  that calls him father..he is defying an old man’s advise, all for pride.. The same pride they say comes just before a fall ..But wait, isn’t this what the policemen in my country  did to Evans Njoroge, a Meru University student leader during a protest over fee increment just days ago? Yes they pursued him a whole kilometer from the varsity’s gate where the protests were being  held, a shot gun, their machete! Just a bullet to his head and they smiled. Their spit on democracy had a price tag on : a student’s life.

   That’s sad, everyone can conquer with me. It’s frightening that these boys in  blue, can take in their hands the life of a student as punishment for demonstrating! I must have queed for hours during elections just to vote in impunity. Ridiculous! And this is  the cloak they hide in.. How did we end up giving policemen so much power? If they can walk in to a house in Kisumu, beat a six months old baby Pendo to death ,and later on get away with it, then things are getting ugly!  A six months old is a threat to nobody and so is un-armed university student who was just after fee decrement!  If he was causing unrest, then arresting him would have been wiser and more justifiable. 

       Well don’t mind me, I never get  tired of pushing for justice. Thats my temperament.. She says speak for what’s right not what favours you.. And I second her.

    Am about to reach the school’s main gate. Walking besides me on my left is an aged man.His hair is all gray and I can tell for sure he is old enough to be my grandfather.  He is struggling to keep up with my pace. He mumbles something.. Later on says it louder. He is a Kikuyu and he assumes am one too.. “mwana ûyû, bûrûri ûyû ûikarîirwo nî njûhîga”  (hey child, this country is owned  by the cunning ones)  He is pointing at lorries packed outside  Bidco company which he believes belong to Ann Waigûrû, the former devolution Cabinet secretary who is currently the governor of Kîrînyaga county. 

     ”This must be from the money she stole from NYS (National Youth Service ) ,It’s the taxpayers money she swindled. Our money. Now it’s making her millions as we get poorer! ”  He says in the Kikuyu dialect. He seems convinced  that the lorries belong to Ann Waigûrû, though for reasons I don’t know of. He then shifts to talking about Nyayo. The things that happened during president Moi’s era. There is agony in grandpa’s voice, he feels betrayed. By his own country, by the men in power. He swallows bitter saliva, looks at me and says “you are too young to understand anything child, one day you will! Kenya is a million miles away from independence..we fought for uhuru but we are yet to have it.”

       Of course I understand grandpa,  all we do is vote them in ,and all they do is dissapoint us, oh no.. And they keep mocking our flag.. It’s almost in shatters  now! These shot guns should be aimed at impunity and corruption.. Not students. Okonkwos,carry your machetes, strike and crush corruption, impunity as well! 

article by WachiraFlorence 

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