I love you,do you know that ?
But i can’t say IT.
It’s not worth it,
you won’t take IT.

Oh for world’s peace cover It Up Florcita!Sshhh, Its not meant to be heard,
Its for the promiscuous and desperate! got it?

So whisper It, Let those words shake as you say them ..
I mean mumble…like you are praying for the King’s fall from grace ..Fear it like you’d fear his sword infront of your eyes, shining,screaming for blood ..

The walls of my heart have no gates,
see ..
These words are confined,with no escape..

I say don’t you blame it on my heart ,Shut the fuck up!!
Its golden..it has stars,and bouqays and roaring courage ..
I refuse to call it weak!

This heart goes beyond hate and hurt ..It reaches out to promiscuity and desperacy and hugs them warm ..
When i say it has a voice stronger than Nicole Scherzinger’s ..
I mean it..i know it will pump and throb and break these walls to set the words free..
I believe in it ,because me and my heart are entwined ..we are a force to reckon with..we always make it through ..
We never give up!

Poem by
*Wachira Flor*

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