sorry not sorry

Then a war eventuates,deep inside. I start trying to measure up for him any way i can.My walls are shaking and i feel its entirely my fault! Afraid i wasn’t doing enough to keep him,i wonder where to begin.Is it the push-ups and sit-ups? Or maybe going to church more and joining both the choir and prayer intercessory groups at a go??

Having been brought up by a staunch Christian mother,so into faith ( by the way she can pray all night long, everyday) Never in my life have i fancied so pious a life. I prefer liberalism. Liberal is free and real,so they say..The only thing that captivates my attention in church, is the Piano..Quite frankly, the piano for me beats both psalms and prayers ,any day! Not that i detest the latter,but convenience is in play,the prior wins..sorry but a spade must remain a spade,i dare to be forthright..

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