Again she left me in the cold, when the rain was pouring hard
She left me to pick up the pieces of my thousands times broken heart
And again… She shut me out
Left to scream,,shout and pleading her not to let me off in this world
Again… She had me crying,
Left me with a knot in my throat and some aching pain in my chest
And now she knows am on the edge,
Left to fight my inner demons as they urge me, tempt me, to let her go
Isn’t who I am
I loved her with all my heart cas that’s what her actions taught me?
Isn’t who I am?
I stucked out my neck for her even if it ment getting my head chopped off for her?
Isn’t who I am?
I had her as a priority and put her first and myself last?
Isn’t who I am?
But then again…….
She didn’t have to hurt me way she did
She didn’t have to pull my heart out my chest and crush it in front of my very eyes
She didn’t have to lie and swear she loved me when she knew she wasn’t capable of such
She didn’t have to leave me savagely beaten, torn, broken and messed up by love
She didn’t have to stay when I clearly asked her to leave…….
I still imagine a life together cas though it’s a dream, I wouldn’t let it fade
I still whisper her name before I slumber cas it’s the only thing that intrigues my dreams
I still see her face when I switch on my phone… Again… Because it’s the only thing that calms me…
I still love her foolishly, dumbfounded and stupidly because I do…..
And now once again…
My heart questions my thoughts
My sense of self lost in the woods of no tomorrow,
Slowly… My dreams blur out my reality..
My soul runs back my dark side,
And the smell of her perfume fills my nostrils…
Again… I re_read our old conversations and my eyes get wetter….
I loved her so much… She ought have listened to me that night she left…..
And finally
My love is silently stolen by the kiss I never had
A switch off my phone and try catch some sleep

Poem written by a friend of mine ..enjoy y’all

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