The break off

A busy day it has been ,My friend Nikiya and I had been to the clinic ,to have her new born vaccinated..but what did we really know? Nothing if not too little,we couldn’t even hold the baby in the right position..The nurse  notices,that we were both but a bunch of inexperts, with no prior experience in child rearing..She lashes out on us, screaming she hasn’t all day and calling out Nikiya for using milking jelly on the newborn..”For Pete’s sake ,she isn’t a cow , is she? ” the nurse asks  derisively as we take our time to undress the baby in preparation for the damn injections that would have her crying all day and night..
   We are expecting someone else ,her older brother ,he was to visit. I’m nervous about this visit, I’m scared of the uneasiness that will transpire, between me and him; a lover I had just broken up with not so long ago. I tell her am nervous,and she ignores it.”Things couldn’t be as bad” She says as she brushes it off. And when he arrives, everything unfolds as smoothly as she had predicted,no cause for alarm, not a hassle to worry about ..
  Her brother and I have pre-set plans for this day though,we are to officially call it Quits in person this time as he had already ended it via a phone call. When he eventually walks in,I am  sure the break up is inescapable, certain!! At this point he called the shots,so what was our little meeting if not just for formality? And did I have a say? No,I I’ll be there ,just to mutter a  yes and okay to everything whose essentiality I doubted.
   The three of us have been chatting all day,had our lunch, even took photos with the child.. Sooner than later,my awaited moment would come. My ears all set for nothing short of ”I can’t do this anymore I am sorry!” sort of thing..But it never happens! These words are not uttered..Even when we are left all alone in the house.. Instead he draws closer to me, holds my hands to his chest. I could feel it,the fire..It was still there and he knew that too. He moves even closer and looks deep into my eyes ,as if he wants to whisper something soft . He then moved his hands to my face and caressed it gently ,more gently than he has ever done. My eyes lowering with fragility, I’m left to smile at hope.. Maybe,just maybe, it’s not all over yet. There is still time to salvage our story. Who knows??My eyes shut and he steals a kiss,one that I give in to without incertitude..This chemistry is too beautiful to resist. I am not certain he feels the same ,but I can’t help but think that maybe he is for me , just me .
     It’s been seconds of passionate kissing,when I finally step back. “but why are you breaking up with me? ” I ask, really perturbed. If it was up to me,our love would be interminable,never ending. I want him to stay,with me ..
   He gives me a downcast gaze. All the hope I had gathered crumbles with immediacy! He leans  closer to give me a kiss but I give him the slip-i swerve  it just in time.”I don’t wanna hurt you” he whispers ,and that’s how it all ends ..Like a dreadful finale from a movie ..

Article by Wachira Florence

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