Then a war eventuates,deep inside. I start trying to measure up for him any way i can.My walls are shaking and i feel its entirely my fault! Afraid i wasn’t doing enough to keep him,i wonder where to begin.Is it the push-ups and sit-ups? Or maybe going to church more and joining both the choir … More

Dear child ,

Listen up Linda, well no David.. They say that explaining is admission of failure but Mama really wasn’t in a mission to feed herself to a bad man ,trust me that wasn’t my intention.. I just wanted to be wanted child, and oh he was gorgeous!, your father. He kissed with his eyes closed and … More Dear child ,

The skinny Poem

I have lived all my life in different variations of this skinny body. I mean , With the weight of my school backpack pinning me down,mocking my size ,strength and feelings .. I was skinny when i was a child ,playing hide and seek on the fields – skipped to the song “public van” I … More The skinny Poem

My father in writing!

To my sweet readers and friends ,,and all the Juans out there promising to love me forever,am giving each of you an opportunity to meet a very important person in mí vída(my life). My father..This is way convenient for the Juans though,because they don’t have to risk the wrath of mbwa kalis for attempting to … More My father in writing!


*THIS HEART (ESTE *CORAZÓN*) I love you,do you know that ? But i can’t say IT. It’s not worth it, you won’t take IT. Oh for world’s peace cover It Up Florcita!Sshhh, Its not meant to be heard, Its for the promiscuous and desperate! got it? So whisper It, Let those words shake as you … More Poem


    “Are you not kalekya’s son?  Then listen to me, you father and I shared the same blade during  circumcision.. What devil makes you look me in the face?? ” Flor is amidst  thoughts.. Francis Imbuga is having a good time, writing through the fields of my brain… ‘Doga just said something! ‘ He … More NOT YET UHURU!